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Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine

Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine   Parts of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying...
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  • 1 Year
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Product Details Of Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine

Applicable Industries:Other Showroom Location:Bangladesh
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided Machinery Test Report:Provided
Marketing Type:New Product 2020 Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:PLC Place of Origin:China
Warranty:1 Year Application fields:Other

Product Description Of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine

Flow Chart For Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine


Parts of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Parameter list

No.WeightBVolume DiscountDInventoryMinimum Buy Quantityd
22315.EAW33C4 - 55 mm - 160 mm - - 75 mm
UCFA207-20L3CC1.39 kg42.9 mm - - - - 31.75 mm
BSF2022180.018 - - - 0.0N/A -
22240 CC/C5W33 - - - - 0.0N/A -
TAPA10K045SO - - - - 0.0N/A -
CFFRUCT10-22 - 18Available22 - - -
BGRZ6900VV-25 - - Available - - - -
NU2060 - 95 mm - 460 mm - - 300 mm
Toggle switch 1S0.025 Kilogram - - - - - -


Accessories Of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Data List

No.DdBWeightRolling ElementWeight / LBSManufacturer Item Number
NUP2360620 mm300 mm185 mm284,3 Kg - - -
MSLN160.938 Inch | 23.825 Millimeter1 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter - 0.153Ball Bearing0.34MSLN16
QAFY20A400SEB4.59 Inch | 116.586 Millimeter4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter - 29.964Spherical Roller Bearing66QAFY20A400SEB
1313 C/25.512 Inch | 140 Millimeter2.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter - 2.45Ball Bearing5.4011313 C/2
WSTU-SCEZ-30M-SHSS - 30 mm1-5/8 in - - - -
M3038-422-3/8 in1-7/8 in - - - - -
Y232NL3.9370 in2.0000 in2.1880 in - - - -
29602-30073.5630 in - - 1.6 lbs - - -
60092rsc3-timken75mm45mm16mm - - - -
N219-E-M6170 mm95 mm32 mm - - - -
14982 - - - - - - -



Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Cost List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir 1 Set US$1502US$6228
Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine 1 Set US$1854US$5413
Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine 1 Set US$1262US$7637
electric peanut deep pasta bacon burger chicharon puff makingfrying machine 1 Set US$1029US$6647
Electric Continuous Oil-water Separation Potato Chips Fryer Puff Puff Frying Machine 1 Set US$1525US$6142



Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine Video


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