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Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir

Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir   Parts of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Parameter list No....
  • Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Home Use, Food Shop
  • Egypt, Turkey
  • New
  • Shandong, China
  • Electric,diesel oil or gas
  • 380v or others,depends on your local requirement
  • Depends on capacity
  • 1200 KG
  • Depends on capacity
  • 500kg per hour
  • 2 years
  • Easy to Operate
  • Ordinary Product
  • Provided
  • Provided

Product Details Of Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir

Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Home Use, Food Shop Showroom Location:Egypt, Turkey
Condition:New Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Power Source:Electric,diesel oil or gas Voltage:380v or others,depends on your local requirement
Power:Depends on capacity Weight:1200 KG
Dimension(L*W*H):Depends on capacity Capacity:500kg per hour
Warranty:2 years Key Selling Points:Easy to Operate
Marketing Type:Ordinary Product Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided Warranty of core components:2 years
Core Components:Gear, Bearing, Gearbox Materials:Food grade stainless steel
After Warranty Service:Online support

Product Description Of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine

Flow Chart For Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir


Parts of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Parameter list

No.DdCWeightBMinimum Buy QuantityInventory
234417130 mm85 mm50 kN2,20 Kg - - -
WJ-35411265,08855,56244 kN0,085 Kg - - -
UC313140 mm65 mm72,21 kN3,25 Kg75 mm - -
7980B540 mm400 mm350 kN42,3 Kg65 mm - -
6913N90 mm65 mm17,5 kN0,22 Kg13 mm - -
M1020TP - - - - - N/A0.0
TAPH22K315SN4.13 Inch | 104.902 Millimeter3.938 Inch | 100.025 Millimeter - 34.9584.938 Inch | 125.425 MillimeterN/A0.0
SFT-27T HTC - - - 2.406 - N/A0.0
330862 B327.025 mm244.475 mm - 49.636193.675 mmN/A0.0
7320-B-MP-UL8.465 Inch | 215 Millimeter3.937 Inch | 100 Millimeter - 8.391.85 Inch | 47 MillimeterN/A0.0
K14X19X10 - - - - 10 mm - -
46T08070368 mm41 mm35 mm - 40 mm - -
16054 - - - - - - -


Accessories Of Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Data List

No.DBWeightInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityDiametro del foroDimensione
RUS214ET2X125 mm24 mm - - - - -
FYK 50447 mm - 0.1270.0N/A - -
AOH3072G - - 20.40 Kg0.0N/A - -
UCT209-27 - - - 0.0N/A - -
23172-K-MB-T52BE - - - 0.0N/A - -
22240RR36098 - - - - -
SDM8SAJ15 mm11,5 mm - - - 88x15x11.5
X30207M/Y30207M72 mm17 mm - - - 3535x72x18.25
6208BI80 mm18 mm - - - 4040x80x18
19982 - - - - - - -



Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine Cost List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
electric peanut deep pasta bacon burger chicharon puff makingfrying machine 1 Set US$1316US$6800
wholesale factory price puff food crisp chin chin chips snack french fries potato packing machine 1 Set US$1583US$7621
Golden supplier Snack food extruder machine / Corn puff making machine for sale 1 Set US$1227US$6195
Commerical factory price automatic discharge rice puffing machine snack food extruder frying machine corn puffing machine 1 Set US$1226US$5397
JB-150LD Factory Price Puff Food Crisp Chin Chin Chips Snack French Fries Potato Packing Machine 1 Set US$1598US$6106
Hot sale puffed snacks production machine Corn puffs making machine 1 Set US$1850US$5040



Gelgoog Burger Chin Chin Puff Puff Frying Machine With Srir Video


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Can you put egg in puff puff?

  • 1、I prefer to add baking powder cos it makes my puff puff fluffier and helps achieve the round shape better. Feel free to omit this if you're ...Nov 10, 2015 · Uploaded by Sisi Jemimah's Recipes
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  • 6、Aug 5, 2016 — If you want you can add sliced eggs into the prepared masala and coat it well the masala. Be careful not to break the eggs while mixing.
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Why is my chinchin not crunchy?

  • 1、Feb 1, 2022 — There are different types of chin chin we have crunchy chin chin, ... when chewing and you can consume much of it non like the first one.
  • 2、Apr 15, 2020 — That is chin chin for my mum. If it doesn't get her jaw all worked up and if it's not dry and crunchy then she's not interested.
  • 3、Nov 29, 2021 — Chin chin is a very nice crunchy snack in Nigeria. Chin chin can be enjoyed anywhere, ... Preparing chin chin is not difficult at all.
  • 4、Chin Chin is a crunchy delight to all kinds of people from all part of the ... eggs and water until it holds together and does not stick to the hand or the ...
  • 5、Aug 19, 2018 — ... but crunchy chin chin, and not rocks that make your teeth wonder ... Yo, I have eaten chin chin that left my buccal cavity with PTSD.
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  • 7、Aug 10, 2017 — So not to worry no jaw breakers here. ?. These little delights are 'CROFT' in my son's words meaning Crunchy and Soft You get the drift right.
  • 8、Why is my chin chin not crunchy? — If you don't put egg on your ingredients, your chin chin will be strong/ hard and dry; it will feel crackly (not ...

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  • 2、Sep 22, 2019 — Nigerian puff puff is deep fried similarly to doughnut. ... My current Perfect Puff Puff recipe can be found in my ebook Food O' Clock HERE.
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  • 1、Dec 17, 2016 — About a two months ago my mother made puff puff. ... I ended up eating them for breakfast every morning that week.
  • 2、Nigerian Puff Puff is that spongy, deep-fried, spherical snack that ... and you can top it up with jam and other condiments you normally eat doughnuts with.
  • 3、Sep 22, 2019 — Puff Puff is a popular Nigerian snack. Nigerian puff puff is deep fried similarly to doughnut and Ghanian bofrot. It is soft, spongy, ...
  • 4、Stormy Puffs. 30.00. FCA3DA24-A22D-4E16-AFDA-FBDD8D0A125A. Quick View. Baby Blue Puffs. 30.00. Puff Puff Poms San Antonio, Texas [email protected]
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What is the real name for Chin Chin?

  • 1、Chin Chin Restaurants made its debut in Los Angeles in 1983, introducing Dim Sum and other Chinese favorites prepared to order, without adding any MSG, ...
  • 2、Check out our chinchin selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our snacks shops. ... Kokoro/Authentic Nigeria kokoro.
  • 3、What is another word for chin chin? ; prost · salud ; salut · skol ; slainte · cheerio ; skoal · chin-chin ; good health · here's mud in your eye.
  • 4、Mar 28, 2011 — Nigerian chin chin is a delicious snack, classified as (Small chops) in most circles. It is typically made from flour, sugar, margarine, ...
  • 5、39 Chin-chin synonyms. What are another words for Chin-chin? Drink, pledge, toast. Full list of synonyms for Chin-chin is here.
  • 6、UK English definition of CHIN-CHIN along with additional meanings, example sentences, and ways to say.
  • 7、Apr 4, 2021 — My name is Michèle. Welcome to my blog where I share easy, fun and tasty recipes inspired by the African diaspora. Enjoy! NEVER MISS ANOTHER ...
  • 8、Chin-Chin The crunchy Nigerian Chin Chin is the ideal snack for you and your guests. Making it is quite easy if you follow the steps outlined here.Chin Chin ...

Why is my chinchin soft?

  • 1、My soft chin chin recipe. 1kg of flour 250g of butter 200g of sugar 3 pinch of salt 2.5ml of baking powder (optional) 2 medium size nutmeg 100g...
  • 2、This is a delicious soft and crunchy Nigerian chin chin recipe you always love ... Thank you for visiting my channel, I hope you enjoy the watching me cook!
  • 3、In Ghana, it is called Achomo. People have their preferences ranging from the really hard ones to the really soft ones. My preference is just in-between and ...
  • 4、Nov 4, 2012 — If you like your chin soft then add more butter – 1 or 2 Tablespoons more . Be careful not to use too much butter . If not your chin chin is ...
  • 5、Nigerian Chin Chin aka Chim Chim ... I personally rock with the soft-chewy style so I'll be sharing my recipe on how to make my preferred style.
  • 6、Jun 14, 2018 — In all my years I am yet to meet someone who dislikes Nigerian chin-chin even though it can be either hard or soft.
  • 7、Chin Chin is a popular crunchy deep Fried snack made primarily from flour, Sugar, ... For me, I love my chin chin not too hard and not too soft.
  • 8、Feb 28, 2016 — To get a crispy outside and soft inside, just put a small amount of baking powder. For a brioche like result, add more eggs and less milk. And ...


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