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Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot

Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot  ...
  • 6L
  • New
  • Online support
  • None
  • None
  • Provided
  • Provided
  • Ordinary Product
  • 1 Year
  • Motor
  • Henan, China
  • 220
  • 5000
  • 52*68*82
  • 50kg
  • 1 Year

Product Details Of Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot

Condition:New After Warranty Service:Online support
Local Service Location:None Showroom Location:None
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided Machinery Test Report:Provided
Marketing Type:Ordinary Product Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:Motor Place of Origin:Henan, China
Voltage:220 Power:5000
Dimension(L*W*H):52*68*82 Weight:50kg
Warranty:1 Year After-sales Service Provided:Online support
Applicable Industries:Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops, Restaurant, Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Other Machinery Function:cooking
Key Selling Points:High Productivity Function:Multifunctional
Product name:Kitchen Usage:Restuarant Kitchen
Keywords:Intelligence Automatic Type:Kitchen Equipment
Name:Food Cooking Machine Material:Stainless Steel Body
Power Source:Electricity Application:Restaurant Canteen
Application fields:Automatic Cooker

Product Description Of Electric Stir Frying Machine

Flow Chart For Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot


Parts of Electric Stir Frying Machine Parameter List

No. d D C B Weight C0 Size
GW 200 200 mm 340 mm 4700 kN 74 mm 34,7 Kg - 200x340x87
RNA4901.2RS 16 24 mm 8,64 kN - 0,021 Kg 9,59 kN 16x24x13
61804-2RS 20 mm 32 mm 3,95 kN 7 mm 0,018 Kg 2,28 kN 20x32x7
NJ2330-E-MA6+HJ2330-E 150 mm 320 mm 1300 kN 108 mm 47,3 Kg 1608 kN 150x320x108
UCP205-14T04 22.22 mm - 14 kN 34 mm 0.81 kg 7.88 kN -
SN-3126 - - - - 26 - -
FB-16TC 1.0000 in 1.8125 in - 1.5625 in - - -
QVPF22V400SM 4.0000 in 12.1300 in - 4.5500 in 67 lbs - -
TCJT 25 - - - - 1.731 lb - -
7211C 55 mm 100 mm 21 mm 21 mm - - -
23093 - - - - - - -


Accessories Of Electric Stir Frying Machine Data List

No. D d C Weight Other Features UNSPSC Harmonized Tariff Code
AST11 1415 16 14 - - - - -
131097/131150G 150 mm 97 mm 62 mm 4,625 Kg - - -
SMN415WS-BR 300 mm 125,4125 mm 345 kN 33,773 Kg - - -
SNOE218CAF 160 mm 90 mm - - - - -
QVVFL22V400SEM 4.99 Inch | 126.746 Millimeter 4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter - 24.97 Double Row | Double Nut 31171501 8483.20.40.80
17116D-90016 2.441 Inch | 62.001 Millimeter 1.188 Inch | 30.175 Millimeter - 0.48 1 Double Cone | 2 Single Cup 31171516 8482.20.00.00
AA1502- 1-1/2 in 1-1/8 in - - - - -
VKHB 2204 - - - - - - -
2306K 72,000 mm 30,000 mm 27,000 mm - - - -
20006 - - - - Small / Bore-Tite on OD / Without Inner Case / U-Shaped Shell 31411705 4016.93.50.20



Customer Cases For Electric Stir Frying Machine For Factory In 2021

1 Sale Case of Drum Type Stir Fry Machine In
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4 hot sale fashion food truck trailer churros cart for sale stir fry ice cream machine Process In Russia
5 GT7H3DK Household 2400W Intelligent Full Automatic Stir Fry Machine Electric Cooking Machine Sale In Malaysia
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Customer Have Factory Case Of Electric Stir Frying Machine At 2021

1 Malaysia Customer Buy automatic food stir fry auto drum gravy cooking machine Form Us
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6 2019 Hot Sale Factory Automatic Stir Fry Machine For Sale Process In Singapore



Electric Stir Frying Machine Cost List

Product Quantity Min Price ($) Max Price ($)
Frying Machine Stir Gelgoog Gas French Fries Deep Fryer Potato Chips Frying Machine Automatic Stir Fry Machine 1 Set US$1784 US$6796
Stir Machine Electric Automatic Stir Fry Machine GT7H3DK 6L Multifunction Intelligent Automatic Stir Fry Machine Electric Fried Rice Cooking Machine 1 Set US$1525 US$6538
Electric Stir-Frying Drum Cooking Machine Automatic Multi Cooker Wok Intelligent Robot Cooking Machine 1 Set US$1111 US$7788
Machine Stir Kitchen Equipment Automatic Cooking Machine Intelligent Stir Fry Robot Cooker 1 Set US$1061 US$5930
Wholesale price small stainless steel hot pot seasoning stir-frying machine/Electric sauces Cooking Mixer Machine 1 Set US$1898 US$6099
Restaurant Fried Rice Machine Smart Intelligent Cooking Robot Wok Stir Fry Machine Wok Robot Biryani Automatic Cooking Machine 1 Set US$1109 US$5498
High Quality Automatic Electric Stir Fry Machine For Sale 1 Set US$1592 US$6008
Commercial 4500W Drum Stir Fry Auto Electric Robot Cooker Wok Multi-Function Robot Thermo Food Processor Cooking Machine 1 Set US$1758 US$5729
Machine Electric Stir Fried Rice Machine 6L 12L Restaurant Kitchen Electric Automatic Stir Fry Machine Cooking Robot Rotating Fried Rice Robot Cooker 1 Set US$1995 US$6992



Intelligent Automatic Stir Frying Machine 6L Household Electric Cooking Wok Pot Non-stick Multifunctional Cooker Pot Video



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