Life stories about ping pong players

Ping pong; a racquet sport involving at least two players for the singles and four players for the doubles. An opponent responds by hitting the ball to the opponent to bounce on the tennis table using a butt or a paddle. It is a challenging sport with an intense mental aspect. When the ball falls outside of the table it is a win to the opponent as long as all rules hold. The ball only hits the table once on the receiver side The market provides varied sizes of pong paddles based on the purpose, however, for international championships, there is a standard size they recommend. The ping pong tools include a pong paddle: usually made of wood and covered with rubber. Ping pong paddles do not have a regulation size. Smaller paddles are hard to use while bigger paddles weigh too much and can be tiresome.


The amateur due to the challenge to human being frequently selects robots. Why are amateur selecting robots? The robots that hold a ping pong paddle can teach and even play against human taping artificial intelligence to determine the ability of its opponent. It has two vision sensors to watch the movement of the ball in all directions to focus on the human player movement; allowing ball response easier and faster. The robots help the amateur to improve the game as he or she gets some practice. It is very reliable as it depends on the amateur ability to keep training, unlike human beings.


There are amazing life stories about athletes in the ping pong game. The game has a number of players that cannot be named all. This article will only mention a few life stories of the players. The first player is Massimo costantini. He is a Ping pong player well known for once bringing a divided team all together. This made India win as a nation and lead to his celebration. The next player is Si Wasserman. A US legend in table tennis sport is renowned for fantastic unique skills in playing ping pong. He is 94 years old and still plays well regardless of the age. He says that table tennis is responsible for his longevity. His life story shows that different ages of people can play table tennis well, as age is not a determinant. The other player is Adriana Diaz. She is best in counter attacking games evident in his flexible body movement in a swift. Funny thing about the player, he can hit the ball from a distance without missing it. Lastly, Sathiyan a player who faced obstacles and hardships but with commitment and perseverance he moved his way up the ladder. This is encouraging as most people could lose hope in the hard times.



In conclusion, the life stories of ping pong players is so amazing and should be of motivation for one who engages in the sports. The players serve as role models hence encouraging commitment and persistence. Some governments invest in the sport through scholarships, event sponsorships, and donations allowing their nations to have encouraging ping pong stories. We can clearly see that one can overcome factors that hinder performance in sports. Although the life stories are encouraging, one should still be careful and dedicate themselves to the ping pong game to better the result.