Flashlight Stories for Glow in the Dark Paint


Flashlights are portable lighting tools designed to provide extra light when the normal lighting system is not sufficient or lacks at all. Flashlights are not new in the lighting world; in fact, they have been in existence from the 18th century. Most people thought industrialization could make flashlights redundant, what a surprise, it is a must-have tool flashlight for tactical purpose. The only difference is the integration of modern sources of energy to power the flashlights. Inbuilt rechargeable batteries have replaced the old non-rechargeable batteries. the lighting system of a room is dependent on many factors. Some of them include


Painting of the Walls

Bright colors reflect light. Have you asked yourself why most living rooms are painted in white or shades of white color? It disperses light in different directions for the bright light effect. Washrooms are painted in dark colors to bring a sense of privacy when you have a bright flashlight in the room, you will have the same lighting effect like bright colors, but if you have a dim flashlight, be sure the light will only reflect a short distance hence a poor lighting.


The Type of Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlights are better because they can store power depending on the energy consumption of the flashlight. If you opt for non-rechargeable batteries, then use a portable light with more power consumption for more lighting effect such that even is it is a dark room, you have no worries of a poor lighting system.


The Power and Energy of the Battery in the Flashlight

If your flashlight has low energy storage, there is no way the dark room will be brightly lit. Invest in a flashlight with more power and energy for better light reflection of a dark-painted room and light that you can even use to read without strain.


The Paint Sprayer

The type of sprayer is a significant factor in lighting your room. Airless sprayers have the best contrast and uniformity in color distribution. If the color is dark, but the painting is uniform, there is no clash in splitting lighting effect which leads to poor lighting. The old brushes are becoming redundant because, apart from the aesthetic value, they give a rough texture which interferes with lighting effect. When you even add a flashlight with low power, the room will be poorly lit.


Storage and Durability of the Flashlight

You can have a good flashlight with high power and energy storage, made of fluorescent bulbs and a brighter inner foil to reflect light among others. If you do not handle the torch in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendation, it will not serve you for long. In case it does, then the light it produces will be dim for the dark colored room. For example, the non-rechargeable batteries are prone to leakage and they need to be changed often. Rechargeable batteries are enemies with water. If you handle the flashlight in contrary to these rules, then the flow of current is completely interfered with. Bulbs will burn and stop functioning.

Do not shy away from a dark paint because of poor lighting, use the airless sprayers for a sharp contrast of the paint to reflect light and further brighten the room.