Friday, March 29, 2013

Need You Like

The water accepts me, wraps around me, accommodates me.  Every surface is matched to my own, curves and planes and angles. There are bubbles, at first, but those separate and drift away, and we are left together, no difference between my body and the outline in the water, myself and my simulacrum.  And that's love, isn't it?  That's what love is.  That's what it's like.

I open my eyes.  Everything is blurred and shadowy.  I open my mouth.  Air rushes out, racing for the surface. 

Soon I will breathe in, and there will be no differences at all.

Only love.


Zaiure said...

Very beautiful and sad. I loved the flow of this. It felt hopeful at the beginning, a beautiful commentary, so the smooth transition towards the end was a gut wrencher. Brilliant. :)

Nathaniel Lee said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I always worry about the pretentious ones...