Saturday, February 2, 2013


What is going on?” Harris thundered.  He shouted in surprise at the flash of lightning that came concurrently.

“Stop using said-bookisms,” Julie hissed.  She sagged a bit as she began to deflate, and clamped a hand over her nose to stem the flow.  The hissing stopped.

“I just don’t understand,” Harris fumed.  He and Julie both began to cough as smoke filled the small room.  Harris kept fuming until Julie threw her drink on him, after which he merely smoldered.

“The parser is broken,” Julie explained.  “You can’t get too creative with your vocabulary.”

“What!?” Harris exploded.

“Ew,” said Julie.


munsi said...

That was exactly the story I wanted just now. Thank you!

Nathaniel Lee said...

Glad I could help. ;-)