Tuesday, February 26, 2013


“Morning, Dave,” said Carl.  He opened his car door and did a few brief calisthenics.  Carl was a health nut.

“Morning.”  Dave rubbed at his stubble and un-reclined his seat.  The driver’s seat only went back so far, but there was always the chance traffic could start moving.  Dave was an optimist.

“I’m going to walk down to the cafe.  You want anything?”

“Nah,” said Dave.  He gripped the wheel, ten and two.  He was ready.

“’K.  See ya!”  Carl walked off, weaving through stopped cars.  The grass that grew stubbornly through cracks in the asphalt whispered as he passed.

1 comment:

Zaiure said...

Perfect final line, adding so much more to the story! Loved the descriptions of Carl and Dave. Always enjoy your scenes. :)