Monday, February 18, 2013

About a Dollar

“Uh...” the cashier hesitated as Tilda came down the conveyor belt, holding her knees up to avoid the gum rack.

“I’m a can of beans,” Tilda said. 

“I don’t... that’s not safe, is it?” 

“What’s safe matter to a can of beans?  Scan me.”

“You’re not supposed to point the beam at your eyes...”

“Scan me!  I am a can of beans!  I will nourish my family!  I’ll keep for years!  Don’t eat me if I am dented!  Scan me, you addled twit!  Scan me now!  I’m beans!”


The cashier consulted the screen.  “Actually, you’re sugar-free caramels.  On clearance.”

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