Friday, November 30, 2012


Hello!  Hello!  We are teeth!  We are smell!  Hello!  Who are you?  Hello!  Bigteeth bigsmell hello!  Who am I?

Cold there is.  Hello!  Cold outside.  Air is nosecold.  Bloodwarm smell is.

Hello!  Road there is.  Road in cold.  We are.  Hello, hello!  We are teeth!   We are run!  Running teeth running cold running air is cold is bloodwarm smell hello!

Colddark smell.  Wind smell.  Hello!  Hello!  Found you!  We found you!  Hello!

We are teeth!  Hello!  We are taste!  Good!  Good! 

Gone now.  Hello!  Back now.  Hello, hello!  Teeth now.  Smell now.  You are we!  Who am I?

We are.


Jim Murdoch said...

Even if it hadn’t been your birthday I would have commented on this one. I read it yesterday and left myself a note to reread it but I got caught up in editing all day. Anyway, this reminded me of Beckett’s late prose, specifically How It Is. I really didn’t get it on my first read but now I see this as an animal—a wolf perhaps?—encountering another of its kind. Certainly different from your usual stuff but in a good way.

Nathaniel Lee said...

I was going for the vibe of a wolf pack hunting, so huzzah. Knowing your feelings on Beckett, I'm flattered.

Experiments are fun, but I'm glad I work in small doses because I remember how annoyed I get with stuff like this when it forgets that people have to read it. You can get away with almost anything for at least a hundred words, though.