Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aversion Therapy

The advertising copy had been persuasive.  "Harness the brain's natural powers!  Use empathy to control those cravings away!"  And really, the procedure had worked.  It hadn't hurt.  A brief humming, a bit of dizziness, and it was done.

"Please," cried the cupcakes.  "We've lost so many of our sisters."

"No, take me instead," said the cake.  "I can survive another slice gone.  Better I should suffer than another pastry be snuffed out."

"Oh," the pie whispered, "it hurts."

And so he sat, tears streaming down his cheeks, surrounded by pleading voices only he could hear.

Sobbing helplessly with every bite.


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dwarzel said...

There was an old episode of Tales from the Darkside along these lines. They went a different way with it, though. I'd say both are about equally disturbing...