Monday, April 23, 2012

Surprisingly Difficult to Accomplish

"What's this?" asked Bertram. He plucked a heavy object from the clutter on the table, a thick piece of piping with what looked like a Viewmaster welded to the end of it.

"Ah, the macroscope," said Doctor Geisteskrank. "It allows you to see things that are obvious."

"Hunh." Bertram held the device to his eyes. "My word, this place is filthy."

"True," Doctor Geisteskrank chuckled.

Bertram turned slowly, looking around the workshop. Abruptly, he froze, gasping in horror.

Doctor Geisteskrank glanced up. Bertram was facing the full-length mirror. "Ah, yes," Doctor Geisteskrank said. "I should have warned you about that."


ranjit said...

"Doctor, this mirror is even filthier!"

ranjit said...

"Oh God. I never realized. 'Full-length' mirrors are not actually as tall as I am!"