Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quarterly Goals

Brother Vectris goggled at the sight of an all-too-familiar profile across the courtyard. "What is he doing here?"

Vectris demanded. Father Alberion sighed. "He brought a claim before the justices. Technically, he was dismissed inappropriately, and we were obligated to take him back and put him on a performance review plan instead."

"Inappropriately...!?" Vectris said. "The Order of the Azure Shield has but one duty: to maintain the mystic prison around the arch-fiend Blistriek. He colluded with the demon and betrayed all of humanity!"

"Yes," said Albion, "but other than that, his record is flawless. It was a first offense."


0mnif00l said...

I demand more stories!!!

So i wrote one for you... (btw, this is alex again from dsf)

"I need to see you again, one last time," the moon said to me as the sun began to rise again. I looked up at her, and squinted to gazes into her craters. The waters were about to reach to where i stood, atop my cottage near the beach.
I could feel the strain in my smile, "Ok, Princess, I'll be here," I said, "I've got a plan. I'll meet you here at sunset tomorrow." The tide quickened, and I couldn't turn off the sirens and screaming of the neighbors. But she could. She would do a lot of things for me. I held back the tears, and with my most chipper face, I said, "Just don't be late!"
She showed me her crescent smile and slowly faded back away into sky. I stood there for so long looking back into her giant eyes. When she was finally out of sight, I wiped my eyes and climbed down from my destroyed house.
It was time to get to work; I needed to get a hold of a rocket ship.

Nathaniel Lee said...

Just don't ram it in her eye...