Saturday, April 7, 2012


"Ouch!" I stuck my finger in my mouth and tasted blood. "Damned thing bit me."

"Software conflict," Steve said. "Probably. And now it's run off."

"Maybe the wireless mouse isn't the way to go," I said. "At least when it was on that silly leash, it couldn't get away."

Something hissed. "I think the cat ate it."

"Which one? That's five-cat cable, you know."

The monitor on the desktop turned its scaly head toward me and flicked its tongue twice. "You already had your crickets today," I told it. "Don't give me any lip. I could make you a flatscreen."

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Rose said...

hey (:

i really like this idea - sort of like flash fiction, am i right? the concept of this story is very funny, and i like how you wrote it. anyway, i am following now. do please check out my blog if you have a moment.

rose :D