Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bird on a Wire

"I'm a crow," he said. The telephone wire pressed his nude buttocks into a disturbing shape. It was awkward, trying to look up and see his face without getting an eyeful of everything else.

"How did you even get up there, anyway?" Livy asked.

He glared down his nose at us. "I flew. I told you, I'm a crow."

I sighed. "You're not a crow. You're a person. You're coming home. Now come down and help us find your pants."

The wire swayed as he repositioned himself. "Better not park your car under any tree branches or utility poles, buster."


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Scattercat said...

This one is based on a doodle I did while staring off into space and not thinking very hard. I realized only afterward that I'd drawn a naked man perched on a telephone wire, and I was left to wonder why...