Monday, March 19, 2012

Underwater Mortgage

The Realtor turned back toward them, teeth bared in a predatorily charming smile. "So what do you think?"

Fred hesitated. "It's all a bit eldritch."

"Solid construction, yes, indeed. Great wood, eldritch. Lasts forever."

"And all those doorways." Lucille shuddered. "And pillars."

The Realtor nodded. "Those ageless eons. Non-Euclidean geometry was very big at the time. It's coming back, though. Hot new trend."

"Non-Euclidean," Fred huffed. "Basically means crooked, right?" Crooked and lumpy."

"Well," the Realtor spread his hands. "That's Cyclopean builders for you. Can't very well build to nice clean corners if you've got no depth perception, can you?"


Jedediah said...

Largely thanks to Terry Pratchett, I can no longer read the word eldritch without giggling. You have not made things any better.

Scattercat said...

"What, oblong?"