Friday, March 2, 2012

"Otto's Beard" at Liquid Imagination

So that old weird bit of flash fiction that ran here a couple of years ago has been published (for money, even) at Liquid Imagination, Issue 12.

I enjoyed writing that story far too much.

Beware of men with beards.


§Stella said...

I really enjoy this blog and got inspired to write this little piece. Check it out at

You are an amazing writer. Rock on! :)

Scattercat said...

Glad I could help. :-) It's always nice to see more people writing.

Your story reminded me of the comic Gunnerkrigg Court. (It starts a little rocky, but stick with it; it's one of the best comics I know of on the Internet. At one point, Coyote plucks the moon from the sky. Annie, quite sensibly, pokes it with her finger to see if it's real. Later, the scientists in the Court are talking about the "bizarre ridge patterns" that suddenly appeared on the moon's surface...)

Loren Eaton said...

Ha, I always liked this one! Glad it's going out to a wider audience.