Tuesday, March 27, 2012


"This is weird," said Hank.

Chuck leaned over. "What is?"

"The receipt. See, it says, 'Gratuity.'"

Chuck laughed. "That just means the tip, dude. How the hell did you ever pass your SATs?"

"No, I know that. But the blank is already filled in. Look." Hank pointed.

"'Gratuity: Nudity.' Hunh."

"Oopsies!" giggled the buxom waitress. She clutched at her fallen blouse. Perky pink flesh jiggled everywhere Chuck and Hank looked. "Silly me! I forgot to button my shirt! Or wear a bra!"

They watched her wiggle away. "We need to leave," Chuck said quietly.

"Dude, what? Why!?"

"Mine says 'Violence.'"


0mnif00l said...

Hey Nathaniel. Its Floyd from Daily SF. How you doing? Dude, wanted to stop by and say your flitterfic is awesome. I can never finish stories because they become to cumbersome too quickly...bully for you, making your pieces work. Hey, see if you can sell Slow Apocalypse, its a pretty good.

Scattercat said...

Thanks, Floyd!

One of the reasons I started this project was to help me get the hang of being brief but complete. After three and a half years, I've managed to drag my average story length from 6K-8K down to 4K-6K, so at the very least, it hasn't hurt...

(And I usually don't try to sell my flitterfics, mostly because I already gave them away for free by posting them here. Microfiction markets usually don't pay, and most other places either don't take stuff this short or don't want reprints.)