Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rescue Pets

Dan didn't say anything for a while after they got back in the car. Shannon's hair was smoldering slightly.

"It didn't say anything in the ad about the puppies being hellhound puppies."

"Just drive."

"Oh, hey." Dan pointed to a handmade sign. "Someone's got kittens. Maybe a cat would be better than a puppy, especially with the apartment."

They pulled over. Six sets of mad little kitten eyes tracked them silently.

"They're adorable," said Shannon. "What breed are they?"

There was a soft popping sound. One of the kittens evaporated in a puff of smoke.

"Cheshire," said the little girl.

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Jonathan C. Gillespie said...

Nice little story, man. I just wanted to pop over and wish you a belated "Gratz!" on the birth of your first little one. I am sorry that things didn't go quite the way you wanted -- our baby, Elianna, had a similarly-troubled delivery -- but I am glad to see things worked out.

Welcome to fatherhood. It is truly wonderful.