Monday, February 6, 2012

Objects Found in the Pockets of the Deceased

- One (1) wallet containing: $43.00 in mixed currency; expired Nebraska driver's license (picture is not the bearer); Sam's Club membership card; coupon for $0.50 discount on store-brand margarine.

- Three (3) U.S. quarters.

- One (1) U.S. penny displaying image of unknown female. Motto in archaic French, awaiting translation.

- Box of matches containing: three (3) matches, one and a half (1.5) dead crickets.

- Pocketknife, folded. Blade is warped from heat.

- One (1) soul of perfect sadness, weeping. The soul's name is Evelind, and she burns with a fire that cannot be extinguished. Tastes of cinnamon and ash.

- Two (2) latex condoms, unused.


Loren Eaton said...

This one is so very poignant. Nicely done.

Scattercat said...

Thanks. (I don't even know what happened to the poor bastard, honestly.)

Jedediah said...

This is the stuff of madness. I imagine some detective trying to bring some sense into all this and failing dramatically.