Thursday, December 22, 2011

Number the Stars

Lilo boggled. "You've been recording all of this? The whole time?"

"Everything," said Ant1ne, "including neglected perceptual data, various atomic vibrations, and both conscious and subconscious thought-streams."

"How is that even possible?"

Ant1ne held out a hand. On one fingertip was a small chip, no bigger than a guitar pick. "This is a yottabyte drive. It contains every piece of information written in human history, and its capacity is barely dented. We can manufacture millions of these in a day."

"Jeez," said Lilo. "That's kind of daunting."

"Are you kidding?" Ant1ne's eyes blazed. "Now we can start to fill them."


John Murphy said...

Nice one. If I teach computer architecture again next year, I might want your permission to put this one on one of the handouts.

Scattercat said...

Permission freely granted. (Everything here is under a CC license anyway, so go nuts.)

I do not know why Ant1ne keeps showing up in every scifi story I do, though. (He's part robot. His grandmother had a pretty wild youth.)