Friday, November 18, 2011

"Splinters of Silver and Glass" now available on Amazon (for really reals this time)!

Unless something horrible has happened between me checking the link five minutes ago and me posting this announcement, "Splinters of Silver and Glass," the first and to date only collection of Mirrorshards stories is now available via Kindle at! Featuring 100 of the best Mirrorshards stories for $.99 (Buy 99 for a penny each, get the 100th free!), plus two bonus stories: "The Lady of Tilmarine" and "Old Growth," at 1000 words and 9000 words respectively.

We run the gamut here at Mirrorshards.

"The Lady of Tilmarine" is the very first story I ever sold to anywhere (originally appearing at Hypersonic Tales, long since defunct), and "Old Growth" has never been published despite getting an Honorable Mention at the Writers of the Future contest once upon a time.

Spread the word, my minions! Buy my book and give me a *whole quarter* to buy soda with!


Jim Murdoch said...

Book bought. But I'm no one's minion. Well, maybe my wife's.

Scattercat said...

You can be a part-time minion. We have several attractive packages.