Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today's story also appears on the blog of impressively successful author and generally nice guy James Maxey, who held a 100-word story contest of sorts.  (The stories were just the entries in the raffle for a copy of his new book of short stories, "There Is No Wheel."  I won a copy, which I am looking forward to reading.)  James maintains at least two blogs and a truly hellacious pace of writing, most recently writing an entire novel in a week.  Dude is nuts.  Check his stuff out.


It's the small things that make a life. A chipped diamond ring found on a table tells a story. A sprinkle of glass and tire marks at an intersection tell a different one. Or the receipts in a library copy of "The Prince": lifts for shoes, a power tie, strawberry yogurt, and Taco Bell. Stained.

It's these tiny details that count, that make someone real. I think as many as half the people in the city are my creations, now.

Oh, don't look at me like that. I know you don't believe me. I know everything about you.

My child.


rain said...

wow, reminds me of a novel i read recently...(Incarceron)

Scattercat said...

Was it any good? ;-)

rain said...

yeah...well the plot was poorly executed in places but it was a very interesting concept. It was good enough for me to buy the sequel, anyways.