Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hey, you know what happens when the internet connection at the office goes down over the weekend? Jack diddly, which means we get two of our four 12-hour shifts completely unconnected, which means even though *I had this written in time for Friday*, I couldn't post it until today. Grr.

The quest ended as it had begun, in a dusty, disused room in the bottom of a library.

"At last," Cal whispered, lifting the book from the stone sarcophagus that had contained it. "At last I will know." He brushed his hand across the embossed cover, curiously warm. "I'll know what this has all been about. My life until now will finally have meaning." He opened the cover. His expression froze.

The frontispiece was a map of the library and its grounds. Cal's route inside was clearly marked. Below, in faded script, were the words: "This is where it begins."


Donna Hole said...

Ah man; I feel cheated with him.


Scattercat said...

Is it a cheat or an opportunity?