Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Neon Orange Death

Down they went, through the layers of Parmesan and Romano, down into the depths. At any moment, the crust could open beneath their feet and dump them into a simmering pool of hot brie, or a pocket of soft Limburger might shift and bring down an entire branch, trapping the miners in the fetid, redolent darkness until their inevitable suffocation. Most feared of all was the toxic byproduct of the ore-refining process. It leached into the moon's surface before catalyzing the cheese into a high-pressure pocket, ready to be unleashed by a stray pickaxe strike.

They called it "the Whiz."


Donna Hole said...

Oh me of little faith; I had to copy that into a word doc for the word count.

Sheesh; that feels so short, yet so descriptive of the world. My mercurial mind latches on this as the fav for the moment.


Sara Femme said...

dude, so much more than cool!

Scattercat said...

What was that commercial a decade ago or so? "In the 1960s, man traveled to the moon and discovered it was made of rocks, not cheese. He hasn't been back since. Behold the power of cheese(tm)."