Thursday, June 2, 2011

Business Envelops

By the time the firefighters arrived, the office park was gone. There was no sign of a fire.

"Huh. Weird," said Lewis. The only thing remaining was a small cardboard box and a handful of white rectangles scattered around it. "Ha! Look at this. Some knockoff brand misspelled 'envelopes.'" He picked up one of the fallen papers and began to open it.

Moving swiftly, Rupert knocked it from Lewis' hand.

Lewis glared. "What gives?"

"I want to stay employed," said Rupert. "It might think the fire department is a 'business,' too."

Around them, the envelopes quietly digested their latest meal.


Heidi Breton said...

I'm curious, why didn't you spell it 'envelops' in the last sentence, as well? I think it would have wrapped up nicely.

r2d2y said...

yeah, i agree. that did make it a little more confusing.

Sara Femme said...

OY! The tension the title caused me... I sooo wanted to fix the 'typo', but I figured it was intentional. It was still hard to keep reading...drove me kinda nuts until I forced myself to continue. I dig, I dig.