Saturday, May 28, 2011


Stronger than steel, they say. Impossibly strong, spider-silk is. A cable thick as your wrist could drag a battleship. Thick enough and it could drag a planet. A trap to catch the stars and stop them in their courses. A net to hold the universe in place.

A single strand trails across the canyon. Is it a bridge to the other side, or is it holding the Earth together at the seams?

It may be that it is so. For now, a thousand microscopic spinnerets send out a thousand hair-fine threads, weaving a web to catch the wind...

...and fly.

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Sara Femme said...

spiders fascinate me for these reasons - they freak me out for same

I walked through a launch of spiderlings once and will never forget that webby feeling and the site of all those skittering things all over me - I can laugh about it now, but still get all goose-pimply thinking about it