Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Also Popular with Childcare Professionals

Trissa sat in the violet chair and half-disappeared behind a puff of pollen. "Ack!" she said. "Oh, this does smell nice." She brushed the petals with the back of her hand. "And so soft!"

"That one isn't available in hypoallergenic, I'm afraid," said Wendy, their salesperson. "It can be a lot of fun for kids. Assuming they aren't allergic."

"What's this one?" asked Robert, sinking into a plush red bloom.

"Sir, be careful! That's..." Wendy trailed off. "It takes some acclimatization. That's our home office model."

"It's lovely," said Trissa, as Robert began to snore. "What's it grown from?"



The Words Crafter said...

Cool! And I bet that'll be their most popular seller!!!

Scattercat said...

With or without field mice to haul your butt out afterward?