Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trust but Verify

Dr. Gillicut shuffled his notes. "Our AI has run extensive models and determined the sky is not, in fact, blue. There is no such thing as blue at all. It's a shade of orange with unusual properties."

A reporter raised a hand. "So... what are the practical implications?"

"Well, um, we have to... rename... things. Since blue isn't real."

"But if everyone sees it as blue, why not just call it blue?"

Gillicut's cell phone buzzed. He glanced down. It was a message from the lab: "LOL!"

Dr. Berhaus leaned over. "I told you he was messing with us again."


Jim Murdoch said...

I had a friend once - a very clever friend I have to say - explain to me (most convincingly) why black was white.

The Words Crafter said...

this was pretty funny! although, if enough 'important' people convincingly tell us something like that, we'd likely believe it!

hmmmm, I guess this was actually scary!

Scattercat said...

I just hope that when the Singularity comes, it has a sense of humor.