Friday, February 18, 2011


"In your garden, there is a tree," said Tikun. "Your wife watered that tree with her tears when you feared the child would not be. There is a serpent that gnaws at the roots. Dig down and find the serpent – being careful not to disturb the roots – kill it, then prepare a meal of meat, fruit, grain, and leaf, seasoning each item with the serpent's venom. Then shall your wife be healed. Take also these." Tikun handed over a small orange vial. It rattled.

"What are these for?" asked Rob.

"So your wife will believe. Your people are very superstitious."


The Words Crafter said...

Beautiful story and I like the reversal.

Scattercat said...

It's a gimmick, but sometimes I figure, "What are drabbles for?"