Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ends and Means

The remains of the planet circled around like a juggler's balls, clinging to one another's gravity. A blanket of dust sparkled in the nearby star's light.

"It's beautiful," said the Gollimog.

"I would have said 'sad,'" said Harker, with a hard-eyed stare.

"That, too," said the Gollimog. "But beautiful. I prefer it when they try to avoid the inevitable. There is a poetry in that."

"What will we do, when it comes to it?"

The Gollimog shook his head. "We will document it, of course, for the collection."

"Even the end of the collection itself?"

"Otherwise, what is it for?"


Gerald said...

Although I have seen this scenario a lot before (The legacy of a life time of being a Science Fiction fan). I really like the way you wrote this one.

The Words Crafter said...

Beautiful and melancholy...

Scattercat said...

I wanted to use the Wisest Stone, but he doesn't really fit with escape pods. Luckily, the Gollimog was there to pick up the slack.