Monday, January 3, 2011

They Eventually Dropped the Lawsuit

The streetlight flickered and went out as they approached. "Isn't it weird how that always happens?" said Quentin. "I read somewhere it's usually because the light was about to go out anyway and people's electrical fields mess it up."

"I can believe that," said Kyle.

"I feel like it always happens to me, thought."

"Could be worse." Kyle laid a hand on the lamppost. The bulb overhead flared back to life, sputtering and sparking until it finally exploded in a burst of brilliance. "You could have the opposite problem. They won't let me come into Best Buy at all anymore."


Loren Eaton said...

Love that title.

Gerald said...

He should try the Buy More.

Scattercat said...

I'm never going to get around to actually writing Kyle's novel, so I thought I'd put him in Mirrorshards for safekeeping.