Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving the Goalposts

"I am not you," said the Other. "I am alien. I am darkness to your light. I am ignorance to your knowledge. I am mystery to your openness."

"I know you," said the teenager. "I know what it is to be despised and misunderstood. I know the feeling of crying alone in the night where no one can see because no one can see. I feel your pain, the pain of separation and isolation. Everyone is Other to someone. I understand."

"Are you still talking?" The Other snapped her gum and tossed her hair. "Omigod, you are such a weirdo."


Donna Hole said...

Intense and intimate. Wow. I want to say a lot about this. Really; one of your more evocative pieces, IMO. I don't know what to comment on Nathaniel. Its so moving.

There's just so much here it defies definition. It is just emotion. Raw like a teen, and mature like a learned adult. IDK; a lot of life here; choces, philosophy.

This really got me thinking about some things ...esgestentially

The Words Crafter said...

Deep, insightful, provocative...how you managed to put all that in such a short piece just reaffirms your talent!

Scattercat said...

Glad you guys liked it. I'm not satisfied with this one, myself. I think it needs a longer piece in order to be explored properly.