Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Gaze of the Crowd

A 200-worder today, but I couldn't resist the challenge laid out by the fine ladies at Pendragon Variety. Here it is: a story about a healer named Fabio. Enjoy!


Elsie gasped on the pavement. She saw the car speed around the corner and disappear, a hit and run.

"Rest easy," said a soft voice by her ear. Warm hands cradled her and wiped away the pain. She opened her eyes. She'd know that face anywhere, familiar from hundreds of romance covers.


"Shh." His hands were glowing blue and, where they touched, her cuts healed before her eyes.

"I don't understand..." she said.

"It is my duty as a sacred Healer. Shush now. I must work quickly, before anyone else arrives."

"But how can you do... that? Do magic?" Elsie found it hard to do anything other than relax into his touch. It was so soothing.

"There are not many of us," said Fabio. "Myself, Paris, Jamie Lynn, for a while. The adoration of the masses brings power, but most dilute it and divert it into other skills and talents. Only those of us who have pure fame can truly channel this energy."

Abruptly, Fabio's head snapped up.

"I must go. They have found me again."

"Who?" cried Elsie, almost weeping as his touch left her.


Elsie heard a sound like the howling of wolves in the distance.


The Words Crafter said...

*grinning* This was great!

Gerald said...

Nice one!! LOL!

Scattercat said...

I had to check Wikipedia to make sure he hadn't died or anything. Apparently he was on a lot of TV shows last year.