Thursday, January 20, 2011


If you watched closely, you could see it happening. The wind blew, the sand shifted, and the desert claimed another inch. Here, the few hardy shrubs that still clung to the soil seemed to tremble in fear. Further out, nothing but the dunes, rolling gently away and sparkling in the sun.

The little broom hung by the door, her weapon in the endless battle to keep the sand out. She had not wielded it in three days. The door stood open, and the sand poured in. She sat in the middle of the emptied house and waited for the desert.


The Words Crafter said...

sad, and deep....profound. wow!

Gerald said...

A figure appeared and blocked the light coming through the door.
He stood there wrapped in a dark cloak and deep hood starring at her intently with piercing blue eyes.
He lifted a hand and pointed an accusing finger at her.
"I have told you before" He spoke in a rasping dry whisper. "You can not stand against us."
He spread his arms out wide and cried out to the woman.