Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"Right up there, it's leaking. Can you see it?" Linda joggled the baby in her arms.

"Ayup," said Mr. Bridges. "I'll get that fixed right up. Mind yer boy's eyes for a sec."

"What?" Linda said, then gasped. Mr. Bridges lowered his glasses and shot twin beams of energy out of his eyes, sealing the leaky pipe instantly.

"Comes with the job, see?" said Mr. Bridges. "I'm the super."

"Shouldn't you work for the government or something?"

"Nah. Told you, it's the job. Superman's only super under the yellow sun, right? Me, I got my building to take care of."


Donna Hole said...

Interesting take on "super" Nate.

I wrote my submission for Loren's shared Christmas story event today. I have a new appreciation for the 100 words concept.

Seriously, I think 1000 words much easier.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and best wishes for your writing and publishing adventures.


Scattercat said...

It's all about what you can spare. :-)

Likewise to you.