Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Squatting in the Furnished Rooms

"I am out of creamer and sugar," the coffeemaker told P1ng.

He rolled her eyes. "Just put hot water in the cup."

"Water service non-functional," the sink announced.

"Quiet!" P1ng poured the steaming water into a chipped bowl of scrounged insta-noodles.

The refrigerator piped up. "You are out of milk-eggs-butter-broccoli-asparagus..."

"I said shut it!"

"You should just ignore them," Laura said, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

"You'd think they'd figure it out. When do they run down?"

"Well, they're mostly solar, so... never."

"Can't even have a proper friggin' apocalypse."

The popcorn machine beeped. P1ng threw his mug at it.


Jim Murdoch said...

Yes, The Road would have been a very different film if the appliances in all the houses they investigated kept telling them what they didn't have. And that poignant scene with the last can of Coke in the world might have gone a bit differently too.

Scattercat said...

I never have gotten around to reading "The Road." Anytime someone touts a book as a "must-read," I come over all obstreperous.