Friday, November 19, 2010

Get Thee Behind Me

"You can't ever see one. That's the point. If you see it, it ain't a hidebehind no more."

"So, what, being seen kills them?"

"Naw. By definition, if you seen somethin' weird, you ain't seen a hidebehind. That's logic. Might kill 'em, I s'pose."

"What about mirrors? Three-hundred-sixty-degree cameras? Satellites?"

"Yer gettin' fancy now. If I was a hidebehind, I'd be pissed off right now."

"You're not, though. I can see you."

"Don't mean there ain't one behind me. Or you. Hell, they could be all around us, we'd never know."


"Yeah, I'm wishin' I hadn't said it, too."


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Some stories just require the country-boy voice.