Saturday, October 2, 2010


The Painted Man, the Man with a Thousand Tattoos, washed up on the shore late at night, phosphorescent seawater clinging to his ink-tainted form. He lay half-comatose in the sand, coughing up water, before dragging himself up the shore toward the tiny huts. He was startled to find the patriarch of this atoll a pale-skinned wanderer like himself.

"How," gasped the Painted Man, "have you survived the touch of the islands without scars such as I have borne, lo, these many years?"

"I was writ upon, too, long before I arrived," the ersatz chief replied, "but not on the outside."


Jim Murdoch said...

Great comeback.

Scattercat said...

Been reading "The Island of the Colorblind" by Oliver Sacks, and between tribal tattoos, waves of conquest, and the weird phenomenon of beachcombers, I ended up with this.

(And Nan Madol is totally ending up in a story at some point.)