Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Enemy Reveals Himself

Heyo! Catching up after an illness. Didja miss me? (Does anyone even notice when I fail to update? I see we lost a follower, but I don't know why...)


"This is crazy. We're crazy." Hyatt gnawed at a thumbnail already bitten to the bloody quick. "We're traveling back, but we don't even know we're not infected. We could be carrying it with us. And Earth, oh, God, we can't, we can't! We have to-"

There was a loud report and a soft, meaty thud. Captain Stiller tucked his sidearm back into its holster. His eyes flicked to Ortiz and Rawlins. "He was a carrier. Paranoia. Delusions. It was obvious. Necessary."

Ortiz and Rawlins didn't dare even to glance at one another, but their hands tightened together under the console.


The Words Crafter said...

Another disturbing

I had noticed you hadn't been on here, but I thought you were off doing one of your big writerly things. Hope you feel better!

Loren Eaton said...

He lives, for which there shall be much rejoicing!

Earth, though, is doomed it seems.

Scattercat said...

Big writerly things indeed. So far I have one publication credit in potentia. I don't think I get to be a guest of honor at sci-fi conventions until I have at least two stories out in publication.

Earth is always doomed. What's the fun in the Earth being safe and sound?