Thursday, October 14, 2010


"The data doesn't lie, gentlemen. Television viewership is the lowest in ten years. Scandal after scandal is being thoroughly investigated, and the responsible party is losing the next election. Libraries are flooded with more requests than they can handle. More than a dozen key indicators are in the red." With a grim face, the professor moved to the next slide. "The mines are tapped out. Latest yields are at barely twenty percent quality. The situation is grim." He leaned forward on the podium. "If we don't find a new source of Stupid, gentlemen, civilization as we know it is doomed."


Jim Murdoch said...

Love it. And so true. Just look at the great shows that get cancelled after one season and compare that to the dross that they just keep on pumping out.

Scattercat said...

Example: Family Guy, where Internet jokes go to die.

Donna Hole said...