Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Overlooked Details

He nearly stepped on the dead wasp on the stoop. He glanced around; the bots were supposed to sweep up stuff like this anywhere on the synth.

There were two wasps the next day. He tried an experiment: he swatted a fly and dropped it to the ground. The bot bustled out of its charging nook and vacuumed up the offending corpse. But it left the wasps, swerving around the black, alien bodies.

The next day there were three. Then four.

On the thirteenth day, the twelve accumulated wasps disappeared overnight.

"Have to get that bot looked at," he muttered.


Donna Hole said...

very very interesting.

What is technology coming to.


Jim Murdoch said...

Ever since discovering I, Robot many years ago I have always loved robot stories. I just loved how Asimov took seeming irrational acts on the part of the robots and explained them away with logic.

Scattercat said...

Apparently some sort of ominous plot involving stinging insects...

I think any robot that comes close to human-level intelligence will pretty much have to be insane, at least as we understand sanity.