Thursday, September 30, 2010

Magic Lesson

"Restraint is important," said Pembrose. "You're smarter than to try something truly blatant, I know, but you're too clever by half. You'll think it can't hurt to try a little something, knowing everyone will assume it was prestidigitation. This you must not do. Always prepare a secret, a trick to explain it away."

"But why?" asked Cherie. "Why not actually use our power?"

Pembrose stroked his mustache. "Why can we do magic, apprentice?"

"We're wizards. Wise ones. We know the secrets."

"Wrong!" Pembrose snapped. "They believe even though they know it is not true. That is why the magic works."


Donna Hole said...

Profound, sir. Aw, the magic of faith.


Scattercat said...

Not quite faith, I think. It's not belief in that which you cannot see, after all, but belief in that which you know to be false. Suspension of disbelief might be more accurate.

Donna Hole said...

yeah, and that fits my perception too. B/c, even with the evidence of doubt, Faith of some sort persevers.