Friday, September 3, 2010

First of Many

The Wisest Stone is still suffering from amnesia. I think I'll wrap up this pseudo-continuity next month. Taku is starting to show the strain of having to be the master for so many stories in a row. In the meantime, happy sort-of-beginning of the month! Only two more shopping months until Mirrorshards' second anniversary. What are you getting for YOUR friends and family to celebrate?

"Why is the Weed King so intent on capturing us?" asked the Wisest Stone.

Taku grimaced, sweat rolling down his face. "You called him a wastrel and a mendicant, and demanded restitution for all of the stone and mountains his roots have destroyed."

"Ah," said the Wisest Stone. "And was I correct?"

"Technically," Taku admitted. "But also unkind."

"Hardly relevant."

"One can be truthful without being cruel. Do you not see this?"

The Wisest Stone considered. "If we are honest, we cannot help but be cruel. Life is harsh."

"That is why the first lie we tell is to ourselves."


Jim Murdoch said...

You know, whenever I think a great thought the next thing I think is that someone's probably already thought it before me:

     Advice to Children V

     People are rarely
     what they say they are
     and never what they think
     they are.

     Or would like to be.
     The first lies we tell
     are generally to

     16th July 1997

I wonder who thought that before me? Maybe the Wisest Stone knows.

Scattercat said...

I cheerfully admit to having stolen basically everything ever. I'm fond of saying that the last truly original statement was "Let there be light," and everything since then has been building on what went before.

Wonder who said that first?