Thursday, July 15, 2010


He peered out through the curtains. The moon was just peeping over the horizon. He shuddered.

The moon...

He doubled over as the change hit him. Fingernails thickened. Canines lengthened. Coarse black hair sprouted all over his body. His bones cracked as they rearranged themselves to a new shape, and he dropped to all fours, moaning with pain.

At last it was over. The hunger came over him, and he pounded through the house to the kitchen. The kitchen... where he'd stockpiled dozens of bananas.

It was hard, he reflected, scratching idly at his bottom, the life of a were-chimp.


Jim Murdoch said...

Let's hope someone from Hanna-Barbera reads your blog.

The Words Crafter said...

I am STILL laughing! Great!

Scattercat said...

Did Hanna-Barbera get into the werewolf-flick business when I wasn't looking? :-D


Glad it made you smile, Words Crafter.