Thursday, July 15, 2010


"It seems like Sisyphus got the raw deal," I said, watching him push.

"His is round," the man said.

"Yeah, but he's going to be pushing that thing up the hill forever. Your ice block is already melting."

He paused. I felt the chill radiating from the massive ice block. "Yes. It melts a little more every hour, a little faster every day. One day it will be gone, and my task will be complete."

"Then what?"

He looked at me, and I saw a dark and feral fear haunting those eyes. "My task will be complete. I will remain."


The Words Crafter said...

A life without purpose is an empty pursuit...

Jim Murdoch said...

So what's more hellish, hell with nothing to do or hell with something pointless to do?

Scattercat said...

@Words Crafter

But a life of colorful wedges is a trivial pursuit.



That's really the question, isn't it? I think the more hellish hell is the one you find yourself in...