Friday, July 30, 2010

Dirty Work

"Had a good hunt?" asked Hewitt sweetly.

"Sure, boss," said Ace. "Ten vampires, staked'n'baked."

"And how many bullets fired?"

"Uh..." Bonesaw hesitated. "It got kinda hectic. Some panic fire. A lot?"

"Mm-hm. How many civilians saw you?"

"Only the guards," said Cruiser.

"And four cops," added Deke.

"You burned it. There will be news crews."

Ace swallowed. "We take care of that stuff, though. Right?"

Hewitt smiled. It was not a friendly expression. "Yes. Yes, we do. It is, in fact, our primary job." He stepped aside, revealing a desk stacked elbow-deep with forms in triplicate. "Get to work. Hunters."

1 comment:

Loren Eaton said...

They also need to submit expense reports. No receipt, no reimbursement for thermite, ammo, kevlar or two-dozen White Castle sliders.