Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Always Grinning

I guess there was a little bit more.


Jay slipped inside and eased the door shut with a sigh. A rough night. Maybe he'd get a bike or a car or something to avoid that walk again.

The foyer was dark. He reached for the light switch and froze. Something blocked the way into his apartment. He knew without seeing that it would have a huge, round head with a lipless mouth and row after row after row of teeth, teeth, teeth. It turned to face him, already grinning widely.

You're already involved. Everyone is. It held out a flabby hand, tipped in claws. Dance with me now.


Scattercat said...

So if this thing is a Small God, what is it the god of?

Donna Hole said...

Tooth Fairy?

Thanks for adding the little more, it was gruesome. Just the way I like it.