Friday, May 14, 2010

You Wooden Be-leaf It

The fat man in the red suit heard a wooden creak behind him. "Rudolph?" he called.

He might have said more, but someone stuffed an underripe apple into his mouth.

He awoke bound in thick, dirt-caked roots, stripped to his underwear. A skeletal figure stood before him, clad in his stolen suit. Not again, he thought. He spat the apple out. "Look here, Jack, you're just going to have to be happy... with... Hallowe..." he trailed off as the figure turned.

"It's worse, Boss!" cried one of the elves. "The trees want to take Arbor Day to the big time!"


Donna Hole said...

Nifty twist.


Scattercat said...

It made me chuckle, anyway. Apparently I should avoid any story ideas that I think are funny, because no one else ever does.