Saturday, May 29, 2010

Diabolical Plots Finale

Well, it's Saturday, and it looks like there won't be too many more entrants.  So here, in all their glory, are the stories from the Diabolical Plots prompts.  We are all winners in this game!  This page is now a permanent part of Mirrorshards (at least until Blogger finally craps out and/or I fill up all ten of the "free" pages they give me to create.)  Huzzah and etc.

If I could get the darned jump-cut to work multiple times in a single post, I would totally cut those individually for y'all. 


(Hey, it's a little late, but you got like twice as many stories this week as normal, so quitcherbitchin'.)


Jim Murdoch said...

Well I enjoyed what you did with mine.

Loren Eaton said...

Lately I've been nursing a latent disdain for higher education, so what you did with Buridan thrilled the shrivelled little thing I call a heart.